Swift Bundler early access

I love developing open-source software for the community, and I never expect anything in return. However this is not sustainable if I want to continue being an open-source developer; The less money I make from open-source, the less time I will be able to spend making tools and packages for the community.

It is for this reason that I have decided to make Swift Bundler sponsor-only while I tackle the brunt of its development: i.e. bringing it to new platforms, stabilising it, and creating powerful new features to enhance productivity.

Getting the sponsor-only version ❤️

The sponsor-only version of Swift Bundler is available exclusively to my monthly sponsors. When you become a monthly sponsor you are automatically granted access to the private swift-bundler-early-access repository. The sponsor-only version already includes basic iOS support on the ios branch.

Existing users 👨‍💻

Don’t worry, the Swift Bundler you know and love – the one that can only make macOS apps – is still available for free, but it won’t be getting any new features or bug fixes until further notice.

An enemy of my enemy is my friend 🤝

We’re all enemies of the proprietary xcodeproj project format. And as friends we can work together towards a more open and developer-friendly future. No more xcodeproj-related merge conflicts, relying on a 30gb IDE, or waiting for Apple to fix bugs. It’s time for an open-source approach to Swift app development.